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Automatic water Softner   Mineral RO Plant   chemical cleaning system

Automatic Water Softener

  Mineral RO Plant   Chemical Cleaning System
Tescon Automatic Water Softeners enhances the quality of water by replacing hard salts of magnesium and  calcium minerals with sodium. Its fully automatic micro processor controlled time based regeneration process gives you freedom from calling a technician time and again maintenance / recharging.
We provide mineral water plants that upgrade the quality of drinking water. Through our mineral water plants  we are able to determine the impurities(minerals) in water and make water drinkable by removing the impurities. Some of the impurities(minerals) that are removed include:
Tescon chemical cleaning system is designed for manual operation through a control box located on the skid. A chemical storage tank is mounted on its own stand and connected to the skid with either hard PVC piping or quick disconnect fittings and flexible hoses. This gives the unit the ability to be
Commercial RO plant   Industrial DM-Plant   industriaroplant

Commercial RO plant

  Industrial DM Plant  

Industrial RO plant

Tescon Commercial RO Water Treatment Plants are used the reverse osmosis principle to treat water and makes it to suitable for Commercial purposes. The Commercial RO Plants are the most cost effective water treatment plants for any Commercial
Industrial DM plants consists of cation unit and anion unit placed one after other in series. The cation unit is charged with strong acid cation resin & anion unit is charged with strong base unit. Industrial DM plants remove all the anions & cations from the water
TESCON presents a small and medium capacity Industrial RO Plant model TAT 5KL series. We are Industrial reverse osmosis plants manufacturer of small and medium capacity since 2004. This system is designed, developed and programmed for the long
Antiscalant Chemicals

Antiscalant Chemicals

TAT 5691 Antiscalant is normally fed continuosly prior to the cartridge filter. Antisclant should be injected by chemical dosing pump from a dilution tank or directly from the drumto the feed water line  
Industrial Softener

Industrial Softener

Industrial Softeners are manually operated and designed to suite the requirements of medium scale industries.
They incorporate the proven technique of counter flow

RO Plant for Dialysis in Hospitals

TESCON dialysis application RO Plants are huge success in the field of Hospital segment for Kidney dialysis centers. RO Plant treated water is used to the feed of dialysis machine for the kidney dialysis application.
Packaged Dm Plant

Packaged DM plant

TESCON Two bed portable deionisers produce demineralised water at flow rates upto 600 litres per hour. They are easy to install and economical to operate. Their design is to outcome of many years of
Micron Cartridge Filters

Micron Cartridge Filters

Microfiltration cartridge Filtration is a filtration process which removes contaminants from a fluid (liquid & gas) by passage through a microporous membrane. A typical microfiltration membrane pore size rang


Tescon has a wide range of Ozonators, starting from 1 gram ozonator to 2000 grams ozonators.
We supplied number of ozonators  to swimming pools,textile industries, pharmaceuticals and mineral water plants



Tescon disinfection process Ultraviolet(U.V.) disinfection of water consists of a purely physical, chemical-free process. UV-C radiation in particular, with a wavelengthin the 240nm to 280 nanometers range, attacks thevital DNA of the bacteria directly
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