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Packaged DM Plant

TESCON Two bed portable deionisers produce demineralised water at flow rates upto 600 litres per hour. They are easy to install and economical to operate. Their design is to outcome of many years of experience in manufacturing deionisers to meet the specific requirements of many industries. The units are made of corrosion resistant materials of construction - pressure vessel of FRP or MSRL, plastic tubes, moulded rubber components, plastic coated stands, FRP panels etc.

When the capacity of the ion exchanger is exhausted, it is regenerated  the cation exchanger with dilute hydrochloric acid and the anion exchanger with caustic soda solution. The packaged dm plant units are pre-assembled and tested before despatch and easy to install.

Packaged DM Plant Advantages

Packaged DM Plant Applications :

Packaged Dm Plant
Ro Plant Softener Micron Cartridge Ozonator Mineral Ro UV System Water Treatment Antiscalant  
Dm Plant Aurora Pumps Reverse Osmosis Packaged Ro Commercial Ro Minerral Ro Industrial Dm Industrial Ro
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