Online Chillers

Online Chillers

Tescon aqua tech is pioneers in supply of Online chillers for the drinking water application. Our Online chillers for post RO Plant are popular in India. Our basic model chiller is 500 Litres per hour. We supply Chillers with additional safety controls, digital power safety devices like indication of high/low voltage and unbalance or reverse phase connection are arranged to show separately. Our Chillers are compact in design with all features.

Our Online Chillers Special Features:

High Pressure Trip indication
Low Pressure Trip Indication
Over load relay trip
Water level indication
Anti Freeze trip
High Temperature Alarm

Tescon Online Chillers are Flexible, energy efficient and tropicalised design to suit at high ambient conditions. Highly reliable and world renewed compressors and controls. High quality condenser, evaporator with inner grooved copper for better cooling efficiency. All the chilled water contacts are non corrosive, such as stainless steel, copper and other non ferrous material. All our chillers are heavy duty construction.