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Mineral RO Plant

We provide mineral water plants that upgrade the quality of drinking water. Through our mineral water plants  we are able to determine the impurities(minerals) in water and make water drinkable by removing the impurities. Some of the impurities(minerals) that are removed include:

1.Non-ionic & un-dissolved physical impurities. [Turbidity, Odor, Color etc]
2.Ionic and dissolved impurities [Ca, Mg, Na, So4, Cl, iron etc]

Microbiological impurities [ Bacteria, Virus, Pathogens etc] Our mineral water treatment plant comprises of water treatment plant as well as packaging plants. Our Mineral  RO plants are available in one or all of the following processes:

Minaral Ro Plant

1. Chlorine/Hypo chlorite dosing system
2.Pressure Sand Filter
3.Activated Carbon Filter
4.Antiscalant Dosing (Scale Inhibitor) System
5.Micron Filters
6.Reverse Osmosis System
7.Ultra Violet Sterilizer
8.Ozone Generator
9.Ozone Contact/ Recirculating Tank.

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