Mineral RO Water Plant

Mineral RO Water Plant

Packaged Drinking water, which is in general people say as Mineral water or Bisleri water in India. We Tescon aqua tech manufacture and supply Mineral water production machinery as per BIS Guidelines in India. BIS has published two Indian Standards for Packaged Drinking Water namely IS 14543 for Packaged Drinking Water and IS 13428 for Packaged Natural Mineral Water. Both the products are under mandatory certification.


Packaged drinking water means water derived from any source of potable water which may be subjected to treatments such as, decantation, filtration, combination of filtrations, aeration, filtration with membrane filter, depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration, demineralization, remineralization, reverse osmosis or any other method to meet the prescribed standard and packed. It may be disinfected to a level that will not lead to harmful contamination in the drinking water.

Common WTP (Water Treatment Plant) to produce Packaged Drinking Water in India (Tescon aqua tech)

  • 1.Pre-Disinfection of Source water by Ozone (Ozonator)
  • 2. Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)
  • 3. Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
  • 4.Antisalant Dosing System / Water Softener
  • 5. Micron Filter (MF)
  • 6. Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
  • 7. Stainless Steel Intermediate Storage tank
  • 8. UV Sterilizer
  • 9. Post Micron Cartridge Filter
  • 10. Post Ozonization (Ozone)
  • 11. Filling and packing.

The potable water used for production of packaged drinking water is water derived from any source (such as ground water like Borewell, public drinking water systems such as Municipality Supply or Supplies from other sources) received on regular basis. Supplies of such water through pipelines or tankers would be acceptable provided the source remains the same. As indicated above, the packaged drinking water can be produced by way remineralization. This process involves addition of ingredients. In case remineralization is carried out by any manufacturer, ingredients used for the purpose shall be of food grade quality conforming to the requirements of the PFA Act, 1954 and the Rules framed thereunder.

Processed water may be disinfected by means of chemical agents and/or physical methods to control the micro-organisms to a level that does not compromise food safety or suitability for consumption. Various means adopted for disinfection include ozonization, ultraviolet treatment, silver ionization, etc. and/or combination thereof. The processed water shall be filled in sealed containers of various types/sizes/shapes made from the plastic materials permitted under ISS, suitable for direct consumption without further treatment.

The filling & packing of the processed water shall be in containers which are tamperproof, tight and impervious. The containers with features like Cool Jugs, Jugs with built-in taps, Jars with threaded (reusable) caps etc. which are not tamperproof and leak proof shall not be permitted. There are many terminologies presently adopted by the industry & consumer for describing the processed water as packed in different packaging. For the purpose of uniformity in describing the various types of containers, the following definitions are suggested.

IS 14543 does not prescribe any specific process for manufacturing of the processed water. However, the definitions given under the standard provide information regarding steps that may be involved in the acual practice. In fact, the manufacturing process of the processed water is essentially a purification process of raw water through different treatments, for conformance to the requirements of IS 14543. There are various established processes commercially available and being practicesd by different manufacturers.

The manufacturing of the processed water mainly involves the following process;

  • a) Collection of Raw Water
  • b) Removal of suspended & colloidal impurities by filtration such as sand, carbon, micron filter etc
  • c) Removal of dissolved solids by Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange etc
  • d) Disinfection by different means such as ozonization, U.V., Silver Ionization etc
  • e) Filling & Packing

As the product is sensitive to contamination, the entire process of manufacturing, right from the collection of raw water to the storage of packed material and transportation needs to be carried out under controlled hygienic condition.

The actual factory layout which we supply at Tecon aqua tech as per BIS. The layout should clearly indicate the different locations preferably including the following:

  • a) Bore well or entry point for the source of raw water, pipeline etc.
  • b) Raw water storage facility
  • c) Plant for the manufacture of the product (with various stages)
  • d) Filling/packing areas, change room, toilet(s), loading/unloading points
  • e) Entry/exit with indications of double door/door closures/Air curtains wherever provided
  • f) Stores for packaging material and finished product
  • g) Laboratory
  • h) Actual boundary/perimeter of the establishment
  • i) If the premises are also used for residential quarters/other purposes, then specific mention of the same be made with identified locations.

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Then Tescon aqua tech is single stop shop for all WTP (Water Treatment Plant) systems for production of Packaged Drinking (Mineral) Water in India and for exports to the entire world. We have experienced team of Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Training and Service team in our Factory at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Regular moving models are

  • 4000 Liters per hour Mineral water production plant (Based on Reverse Osmosis technology)
  • 6000 Liters per hour Mineral water production plant (Based on Reverse Osmosis technology)
  • 9000 Liters per hour Mineral water production plant (Based on Reverse Osmosis technology)
  • 12000 Liters per hour Mineral water production plant (Based on Reverse Osmosis technology)
  • 24000 Liters per hour Mineral water production plant (Based on Reverse Osmosis technology)
  • We can also help you in setting up laboratory as per IS 14543 Standards
    Chemical laboratory equipment for Mineral water production
    Micro Biology laboratory equipment for Mineral water production
    Instruments, glass ware and chemicals with training.