Micron Cartridge Filterss

Micron Cartridge Filterss

Microfiltration cartridge Filtration is a filtration process which removes contaminants from a fluid (liquid & gas) by passage through a microporous membrane. A typical microfiltration membrane pore size range is 0.1 to 10 micrometres (µm). Microfiltration is fundamentally different from reverse osmosis and nanofiltration because those systems use pressure as a means of forcing water to go from low pressure to high pressure. Microfiltration can use a pressurized system but it does not need to include pressure

The types of Micron Cartridge filters 1). Wound type Micron Cartridges

2). Spun type Micron Cartridges

3). Melt Blown type Micron Cartridges

4). Pleated type Micron Cartridges

The above types of micron cartridges are available in all micron ratings. With all dimensions to suit the customer requirement.