Industrial Softener

Industrial Softener

Industrial Softeners are manually operated and designed to suite the requirements of medium scale industries. They incorporate the proven technique of counter flow regeneration. The Industrial Softeners thus produce treated water with low residual hardness throughout the cycle.

The Industrial Softener is supplied in a knocked-down conditions and is easily assembled at site. To meet special requirement, these Industrial softeners can be supplied for automatic operation.

Industrial Softeners Advantages :
Consistent treated water quality
Easy to install and operate
Produces clear, soft and non-scale forming water
Low operating costs
Incorporates high capacity polystyrene bead type cation exchange resin which is remarkably stable and has a long life

Industrial Softeners Applications :
1.Boiler feed
2.Process water in textile mills
3.Beverage manufacture
4.Laundry and air conditioning plants
5.Cooling tower make-up
6.Jacket cooling