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Dosing pumps

Metering / Diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pumps pulse a flexible diaphragm to displace liquid with each stroke.

Diaphragm pumps deliver their fluid with a high degree of pulsation.

There are several diaphragm pump categories, including solenoid, mechanical and  hydraulic.

Solenoid pumps are the simplest, because they have the fewest moving parts. Timing circuitry energizes an electromagnet, which slides the diaphragm into the discharge position. The magnet moves against both back pressure and a spring. When the magnet is de-energized, it drives the diaphragm mechanism backward into the suction position.

Special Features:

Different Ranges: F-55 (5 lph @ 5bar), AMS-180 (180 LPH@0 Bar)
Enclosure: IP – 65 Protection, Moc - PP
Strokes Frequency: 150 spm. (max.)
All Liquid Ends MoC: PVDF (standard)
All O-rings: Viton
Diaphragm: PTFE
Valve Body: PVDF
Balls: Ceramic
High Grade Semiconductor PCB with SMD Technology
High Grade Solenoid (MoC – SS)
Pumps comes with CE, UL & WQA Certifications

Feature – Benefits

Sl.no.   Features                                               Benefit

1).All liquid ends are in PVDF                High Resistance to chemicals

2).All O-rings used are of Viton             Ensure Leak proof operations

3).Solenoid in SS                                 Ensure longer life

4).PCB Circuit Board made with            Ensures longer life and less SMT(Surface mount) chances of short circuit is PCB

5).Enclosure is IP65 Protection              Ensure good operations in differentEnvironmental conditions

6).Constant, 1/10                                 Directly go to low volumes without Affecting solenoid efficiency

7).Strokes Frequecy: 150 spm(max)      Highly precise operations

Dosing pumps Applications:

Water Treatment Industry
Chemical Processing
Laboratory Dispensing
Factors—such as chemical compatibility, media viscosity, temperature, flow rates and pressure—determine which metering pump best fits a specific application.

dosing pumps
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