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TESCON is a well established, dynamic and professionally managed group. With years of experience and the perfect blend of people, technology and entrepreneurship, the company has developed core competencies in the areas of  Water, Wastewater Treatment, Information & Add Agency,


TESCON AQUA TECH, one of the leading water treatment company, in India, contributes to a clean environment by offering state-of-the-art products and technologies for turnkey solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater. This is for both the sectors - Domestic and Industrial. Started in 2004 as TESCON WATER TREATMENT and later changed to TESCON AQUA TECH, we have a complete range of products and services, which covers the entire spectrum of TOTAL WATER MANAGEMENT.

Our strength, in providing solutions for water, wastewater treatment and recycling systems using various physico-chemical systems for settling, clarification, filtration, disinfection, membranes and ion exchange technologies has been well recognized. We also have the best biological processes, including MBR, for removal of biodegradable organics from the effluent including nutrient removal.

We use latest technology and software for design, engineering and project management. Our strong design and engineering capabilities include process, electrical and mechanical providing optimum designing at the minimum operating cost. Our In-house project management capabilities ensure timely execution of the project. Our project team ensures site management during execution with focus on quality and on-time completion. Our service network exclusively maintains after sales service for lifecycle partnership with our clients.

We ensure strict Quality Assurance for long life and trouble free performance for our products.


We have extensive experience and expertise in the water and wastewater treatment technologies which is briefly summarized below.

Process Water Treatment

Tescon offers complete solutions for process water requirement including boiler feed water & cooling water requirement. We have complete range of products such as Clarifiers, Sand Filters, Carbon Filters, Softeners, De-ionization Plants and Reverse Osmosis systems, including pretreatment which includes micro-filtration and ultra-filtration, to provide even ultra pure water. We ensure the most appropriate technically and commercially viable system without being biased to any specific technology.

High Purity Systems

Tescon offers complete range of High Purity Systems including those required for Boiler Feed applications. This may include RO / MB configuration or DM / MB option. We provide pre & post options for colloidal silica removal in such systems which may include Membrane systems.

Advanced Pre-treatment

In various applications water require extensive pre-treatment so that downstream units are safe from the impurities which may otherwise damage the system which is crucial for High Purity systems where main treatment include either Membrane based solutions or Resin based technologies. We provide Microfiltration and also Ultrafiltration.

To provide the total water solutions to our esteemed customers, we have strengthened ourselves with the complete range of membrane based systems. Our range of product includes cartridge filters, micro- filtration, ultra-filtration and reverses osmosis systems.

Tescon has the widest range of treatment systems to suit specific application in industries as diverse as:

03.Petrochemical/Oil Refinery
04.Bio - Pharma
05.Food Processing
08.Pulp and Paper
10.Textiles & Dyes...

We have successfully commissioned numerous installations in the above industries.

Tescon’s Product Range – At a Glance

01.Process Water Systems
02.High Purity System
03.Industrial Wastewaterq Treatment Systems
04.Recycle / Reuse Systems
05.Micro-filtration / Ultraq Filtration Systems
06.Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems
07.Reverse Osmosis / Nanoq Filtration Systems
08.Ion Exchange Processes
09.Water Softening Systems

After Sales Support….From CUSTOMER CARE DIVISION

When you call the Customer Care Division, you are working with the most experienced water experts in the industry. Highly trained in all aspects of water systems, our service engineers and field service personnel have worked with leading edge technologies and understand the unique demands of every industry & every customer that we serve.

Our tasks do not end when a plant has been commissioned. Our scope of services includes training programmes in our home locations, and on the site, to thoroughly prepare the operating staff for plant operation, undertaking O&M contracts, provide annual maintenance coverage through value for money AMC packages, trouble shooting & diagnostic support, one time service visit and up gradation or revamping of an existing plant. And what’s more…all these services are available to customers irrespective of the type and make of their plant.

With over six years of fruitful interaction with our customers, we understand the diverse maintenance requirements of various segments of the industry. Our team comprises of highly dedicated engineers who work round the clock to ensure best service at all times. We offer 24x7 service response. Wherever you are, most of the service calls are responded to within 24 hours of logging in. Our strong design & technical cell at Hyderabad provides cutting edge solutions to keep us ahead. And most importantly, our structured customer contact program ensures that we never lose contact with our customer even at times when the plant is not calling for service.

The Customer Care Division is Tescon’s assurance of complete life cycle support. These are some of our offerings elaborated for your reference.


Over three decades of experience in design, manufacturing & maintenance of water treatment plants across various industry segments helps us in understanding the operational requirements of our customers. Genuine, quality spares from OEM enhances the operational reliability of the WTP. The quality & inspection procedures, applicable to spare parts, are the same as that of the water treatment plant.


Being an OEM, with reverse engineering capabilities, we have the distinct & unique advantage of being able to supply the exact blend & quality of chemicals on which the process calculations & design of your plant has been finalized. Our in-house design & engineering capabilities enable us to standardize our chemicals on plants of any make & design.

While maintaining one of the largest inventory of spares in the industry, customers, from any location, can order a wide range of replacement parts and consumables, from valves, pumps, resins & membranes, on our 24/7 mail id customer.care@tesconaquatech.com. Service requests, with all details required by any customer, can also be submitted, from anywhere in the world, through our website http://www.tesconaquatech.com.


This is a professional service package which covers the water & waste water equipments. The preventive maintenance concept is followed to deliver value to customer. Regular features of this package include scheduled inspection visits and scheduled maintenance and services. Availability of all spares & chemicals, at irresistible rates, otherwise not available to any customer, is a key feature of this package.


It is a comprehensive service contract where the Customer Care Division undertakes complete responsibility of supply of treated water, of designed quality & quantity, at any customer’s place. Right from manpower to services to spares to consumables are provided by Customer Care Division and the customer is free of worries.


At Tescon, we believe that providing services and assistance alone is not enough to solve all the problems. Being a total water management solutions provider, we offer a complete onsite training package to our customers. With this, we empower the users of water treatment plant by upgrading and updating their knowledge on the various aspects related to water chemistry, water treatment, basics of maintenance, operating procedures, technology, etc. Our knowledge and experience, in water treatment, is transferred to the users of the water treatment plants and equipment at a very nominal cost.


Service at your doorstep on demand – is a mantra which we follow for this service package. Be it a troubleshooting call or seasonal service requirement, we provide services on demand. We offer a wide array of services attended to & delivered by experienced engineers. Howsoever complex your problem is, we assure you an optimum solution.


A comprehensive study of total water circuit, with an objective to enhance the efficiency (Quality as well as Quantity) of the entire circuit, is performed by our expert engineers. A detailed report along with our recommendations is submitted at the end of the study to allow customers take a wise decision on their water management needs.


Water constitutes 70% of the earth’s volume. However, today, due to industrialization, globally, scarcity of water and contamination of lake and river water with organic impurities and heavy metals has become a serious concern. Water also contains harmful chemicals in dissolved state (TDS) which are reasons for hardness, excess iron etc which affects the performance of boilers and cooling towers. Our ground water table has depleted and large amounts of hazardous chemicals like fluorides and nitrates are being found which is harmful to the human body

We are sure that the above range of services touches every possible area of concern that you may have regarding the performance, operation, maintenance and up keep of your water treatment plant. We will only be glad to address any of your concerns.

Reaching us is easy. Write in to us at customer.
care@tesconaquatech.com or visit our website http://www.tesconaquatech.com to submit your service request or call us on 040-27230082. You can also fax us on 040-27230082.

We will be happy to hear from you. Thanking You,

Managing Director

Cell : 09676111136, 09441077063.
Direct : +91-040-27230082.
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