Tescon Chemical Cleaning System

Tescon Chemical Cleaning System

Tescon chemical cleaning system is designed for manual operation through a control box located on the skid. A chemical storage tank is mounted on its own stand and connected to the skid with either hard PVC piping or quick disconnect fittings and flexible hoses. This gives the unit the ability to be mounted in a permanent location or totally portable if desired.

01.Chemical cleaning system is a Skid mounted unit.
02.Chemical solution tank comes with cover.
03.CIP comes with PVC piping.
04.(SS) Stainless cleaning pump.
05.5 micron cartridge filter.
06.One rotameter for flow measuring comes with CIP.

Cleaning chemicals for Membrane

Acid and alkaline cleaning chemicals are most commonly used for membrane cleaning. Acid cleaners are designed to remove inorganic and iron deposits. Acid cleaning should be performed at a pH of about 2. Alkaline cleaners are designed for removal of biological matter, organic foulants, and silica deposits. Alkaline cleaning is performed at a pH of about 12.

Membrane Cleaning Process

We are doing turnkey for Mineral RO Plants which is called packaged drinking water plant also. We do from collecting bore water sample to and installation of Mineral RO Plant and final water testing and approving of Mineral water plant. Mineral water packaging like pouch, bottles and bubles. Mineral RO plants we are supplying with total Stainless steel material.